The center of the campground is a large tabernacle which can seat about 400 people. Built in the 1920’s, fifty years after the establishment of the campground, it is a reminder of earlier days. Modern lighting, fans, instruments and P.A. system allow all to hear and enjoy hymn singing and sermons. Handicapped access is available at the rear of the building.

In 2011, a multi-purpose building was constructed.  At approximately 40 feet by 40 feet square, featuring 10 foot ceilings and a 10 foot deep wrap around deck on two sides of the building this is the latest addition to our facilities.  Reserved for the Teen Youth group during assocation camp events, this building has been named “Bear Hall” in memory of the late Betty Holler.

Community dining facilities can seat about 120 indoors (plus 28 on an adjacent open deck) and about 100 at a covered pavilion at a playground at the lower end of the grounds.

Community restrooms and bathing facilities are located beside the indoor dining facilities and also above the tabernacle. Old-fashioned outhouses are still available for the hardy and the occasional maintenance project during the cold weather when the water is turned off to prevent freezing of pipes.

One of the older buildings built in the 1890’s for use as a community boarding (eating) facility is maintained for use as a meeting area for children, teens and youth and for holding special programs. This building is called the “Boarding House” as it was about 100 years ago.

Well water is available at about a dozen locations throughout the campgrounds for the convenience of cottage owners (none of the 50+ cottages have indoor plumbing). However, the best drinking water is available at an old artisan well which still provides cold, delicious water.

During the winter months, the artesian well is the only source of water on the grounds. This is one of the reasons the campground closes all community factilites from late October till late April. Also, the community facilities and cottages were not designed for cold weather.

There are currently about 50 cottages owned by members of the Mt Olivet Campmeeting Association (land is leased to current owners). Some of the older cottages have been combined to make a larger cottage. Most cottages are 2-story. The smaller cottages are approximately 600 sq ft. and about 1/3 are larger. Occasionally, members put up their cottage for sale due to ill health, moving out of the area, etc.

Information on sale of cottages follows:


Anyone interested in becoming a prospective new cottage owner should make arrangements to be interviewed by the board at a Mt Olivet Board Meeting (held in early May, late July/early Aug, and late Oct). Contact Nadine Shetron  to get the most current availability and to start the process. In order to be on the list for cottages, you must:

1. Fill out our questionnaire
2. Submit a letter from your pastor
3. Obtain approval of the Mt Olivet Board

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